Friday, December 14, 2012

Project Playroom: Storage

The playroom is almost done, I just have a few finishing touches to complete before doing a final reveal. But in the meantime, I thought I'd share the details on what we decided on for storage options.
While redesigning the playroom, I often found myself getting swept away by ideas of whimsical wall designs, cute toys, and sweet little extras to dress the room up. But one (or perhaps THE) major factor in making a functional playroom is having adequate, accessible storage. I tried to think outside the box when factoring storage possibilities into the playroom. I liked the idea of floating shelves, but unless they were just a few feet off the ground, they aren't very functional for small children to use. And let's face it, if your kids can't reach it YOU'LL be doing all the clean up! 
Here are some of the storage solutions I used. I didn't buy anything new, just reused or up-cycled items we already had in the house. 
Storage Bins: When Lilah was very young and had started accumulating more and more toys, I ordered a bunch of these bins from Land of Nod.  I got several different sizes and shapes. They are relatively inexpensive (especially around the holidays when they are offering 15% of and free shipping!). The cubes and shelf baskets fit perfectly in this 9 cubby storage unit.  The top shelves are great for storing books and puzzles (The wood ones by Melissa & Doug slide in perfectly!). 
Please excuse that monstrosity of a TV on the wall...the sole remnant
 from when this room was "Man Town"....poor hubby :( 
The bins hold a variety of toys, but so far the girls have been really good about keeping them organized holds wood blocks, one holds musical instruments, one has baby toys, etc...)  We also have a couple of the floor bins which are great for storing stuffed animals and other loose toys. 
Recycled Cabinet:  As I mentioned before, floating shelves aren't easy for children to reach and would look awkward so close to the floor, so I grabbed this cabinet left over from my husbands office renovation and used it in the playroom for some extra storage. It's perfect for holding games and what not, and I like how it has a door so it gives it a more tidy look. The top is nice for storing a few extra toys as well.
Garden Baskets: These are my favorite new addition to this room! I was inspired by Pinterest to use these garden baskets for toy storage. I actually already had a 3 tier garden shelf that had been in the shed for years, so I had my husband take the baskets off and spray paint them white then mount them in this corner. I think they look so pretty and are just adorable for storing dolls and teddy bears above the girl's baby doll furniture :)
Crates: I made these craft bins a couple of years ago and they are awesome for storing art supplies. The kids love that they can get their crayons out whenever they want, have a whole tin of supplies to themselves, and then they put them away when they are done (most of the time!) This was a very inexpensive project...I just bought a couple small crates from Michaels and spray painted them yellow. I had my husband hang them using L brackets, and then got these little red and white tins for storing crayons, chalk, markers, etc... 
Hanging Produce Basket: This was another item I had hanging around in the basement leftover from our old condo. I thought it would be a cute addition to the kitchen area and a great way to store extra play food. My husband spray painted an old hanging plant bracket that was in the shed to hang the produce basket from.
Hooks: This is a super easy way to add storage to your child's play kitchen. Buy some 3M sticky hooks and stick them to the sides of the kitchen to hang pots & pans, pot holders, dish towels, aprons, etc...
Dress Up Storage: My father-in-law made this dress up storage unit for the girls for Christmas this year. Prior to this, all of their dress up stuff was in a large basket. He designed it himself, but used this unit as inspiration. It is so great to have all of their dress up clothes and accessories organized and hanging nicely. The first thing they do when they go to the playroom is get all dolled up now! 
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  1. Your playroom looks AWESOME! Just came across your blog and you have the cutest family... can't wait to follow along!

    It's an Easy Life

  2. The room looks great. I recently painted a curb find cabinet to help keep the toys contained. Storage is key! Found you through the One Project at a time hop

  3. Wow, what a playroom! You did a great job. I love the idea of using garden baskets for toy storage!


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